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Welcome to use YYhoo software!

YYhoo software include multi Tools, practical, resource extraction tools, desktop tools, play tools, learning tools...

GetResources Tool

Do you have a lot of network resources which you would like to get, for example, about those web texts, pictures, musics, videos, flashs, and now the popular Flv file, and preservation website, web snapshot etc... As long as it is a multimedia files. By this tool can do! Then the software you need is GetResources tool.

Get Resources! Get All! It is the essential tool for everyone.


Deskone Tool

Deskone tool is multi-purpose desktop tool. With calendar, news, weather, pets, games, screensavers and other functions. And it can lock the desktop, when you need. And scheduled time turn off your computer. It is Deskone tool. It can be replaced by a list of system settings wallpaper And background music. There are two items, the system default and optional......

Deskone tool! Allows you to arbitrarily set the desktop background.


GetFlvPlay Tool

GetFlvPlay Tool is a flash video (Flv files) special tools, to get and play. In addition to Flv player commonly used functions. It can automatically loop. And it can get Flv files.

When you browse the Web. When you see your favorite flash video. Then simply open GetFlvPlay Tool. Click on the get flv button on the interface. It will be a preview screen. Then you can choose to save your favorite flv files.



HappyPinyin ( Happy to learn Chinese "Hanyu Pinyin" ) is a current most comprehensive and complete Chinese "Hanyu Pinyin" learning tool.

It is also a introductory and advanced tools. Under normal circumstances, people like comics and animation. According to this psychological characteristics. Way of using cartoon animation, step by step, simple to complex, with illustrated. Accurate pronunciation, in detail, And with a wonderful flash animation. Combination of listening, speaking, reading, writing and training, educational and entertaining. It is the best tool for learning Chinese "Hanyu Pinyin" !


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